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Our Cuisine



Menu Favorites

Are local tastes of the New Hampshire Lakes Region your flavor or something more exotic more your taste? We match you with one of the very talented chefs/ catering companies we work with based upon your needs and desires.We strive to guide you to the professional that will leave your guests craving more! La Piece offers planning packages that can assist you throughout the entire process of selecting your chef, finalizing your menu, and attending to all of the details pertaining to your chef.

La Piece strives to give our clients options. There is no minimum for food. There is also no limit as to the possibilities for the style of menu that fits your event. Here are some of the menu options that are available to you:

Roasted Lamb Chops with Pistachio Garnished with Vegetables and Basil

Roasted Lamb Chops with Pistachio Garnished with Vegetables and Basil

Tea party reception

Wine and Cheese Tasting

Dessert Reception

Passed Appetizer Reception





Traditional Sit-DownDinner

Cocktail Party

The tastes and presentation of food should fit the flow and style of your event. Are your guests more likely to be comfortable having the luxury to mingle about or sitting down in a seat assigned to them? Answering these questions can guide you towards the type of menu that is perfect for your special day.

Browse through some of our favorite dishes that have been a part of La Pièce menus. We know that the cuisine of your event can make a lasting impression.