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Our Team

Founder/ Exécutif Gala Créateur

Anna Yasharian has dedicated many years to designing and planning spectacular celebrations, both private and corporate, in locations throughout New England, New York City, all the way to North Carolina and Florida. She has been raising the bar since 1998, marvelling at how no two events have ever been the same.

Anna was raised with a humble background in Upstate New York by a family with a strong work ethic. She is a devoted wife and mother of six who has a deep respect for fashion, style, traveling and most of all, great design. This combination of values and passions have been the driving force behind her dedication to her education in the areas of interior design, floral composition, event and business management. Anna is currently working towards her Bachelor’s Degree in business. She has furthered her entrepreneurial skills by becoming directly involved in the design, architecture and construction process. This has instilled a strong understanding of things being fashioned from conceptual ideas on paper to a physical accomplishment.

With her education, certifications and years of experience in the event planning industry, she is infusing her talents together to put a fresh, modern spin on the event designing, planning and hosting process. Anna is the conductor of La Pièce, who has carefully selected an ensemble of individuals to play their talents and skills out to perfection. With her direction, every event is conducted like harmonious symphony, leaving everyone wanting an encore!



Production Créateur

Andrew Button helps to conceptualized and articulate your desired vision into a production that you, your family and guests will remember forever.  He works hand – in – hand with you and the Design team to perfect the fine details.  From helping to select  textures, drapery, drop lighting, and up lighting to the over all staging of your event.

Andrew was born and raised in New York.  With a devotion to music and art he graduated with a Bachelors of Arts in Music.  Maturing in his passion for set design, art and music he combines all these components in his role here at La piece.   Andrew ensures that your event will have a flow and composition that will leave your guests feeling welcomed and wowed.

Andrew is a dedicated husband  to his darling wife, Kristi .  They are proud parents of one son, who is the apple of their eye.  Andrew is in a constant state of creating and finds health and fitness a priority.


We Care Coordinateur

Victoria Mansfield is committed to looking for cutting-edge ways to do things, applying the latest techniques and procedures to improve the efficiency of our hospitality. She works hard to stay on top of state-of-the-art industry trends. This includes a continued investment in infusing ways to show you that we care.

Victoria was born New York and raised in New England.  With a Bachelors of Arts in Business and her desire to further education in Hospitality, she leads well in her role here at La piece because of her inherent care of people.

Victoria is a newly wed who enjoys  her new role as a wife.  She enjoys date night,  hiking, nutrition, and reading books.