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Design is never limited to what you see at an event. We truly master all of the elements: the look, feel, sound, and taste of your day. What does this mean? When you book a design package with our talented team of Gala Createaurs, none of these details are overlooked, from the design of the space, to the music production, to the style of menu, and to the mixology at Pour J’adore. Our team conducts every aspect of your event, creating a balanced flow to your entire day. In other words, we make sense of it all!


Inspiration extends from way beyond the borders of New England. Our Gala Createaurs seek inspiration from: the runways of NYC and Paris, the chic trends from London, and the exotic styles from little known gems throughout the world. These sources are just as significant as the natural beauty of our own White Mountains and peaceful lakes of New Hampshire. Weaving inspiration from beyond our borders into your design is how we master a style that takes you outside of a box. Birch and pinecones can be pretty, but aren’t you more diverse than the New Hampshire standard?


Our Gala Createaurs are masters of detail! From the intimate accents to the grand jaw-dropping features. We put our creative edge on every aspect of your design:

  • Décor
  • Textiles/ linens
  • Layout
  • Graphic Design
  • Flowers
  • Lighting
  • Unique Details

We take you beyond the standard box of venue décor. Our passion is creating the perfect design for you. It is the common thread that weaves through every element that creates your day.