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Usually, guests will be invited to cocktail hour after the proofread my paper ceremony, before seeing the main reception space.  Here at La piece this is our big opportunity to surprise them with  one of our  Signature Drinks being served at our prestigious bar FÈTE DE LÀMORE made of all copper. The setting is a mash- up of contemporary details, with two built in fireplaces, brick, custom copper art work,  hardwood flooring and large open windows to capture the natural lighting.

Our Master Mixologist has custom designed  Signature Drink menus for each season.  As part of the ‘ We Care Approach’,   you  will be invited  to come for a private Mixology  tasting so that you may select signature drinks fitted to the entire design of your day.  Is it something borrowed, maybe something blue, either way, it’s styled for you!

These cocktails can be selected to reflect your color scheme, let it reflect your personalities.  Signature cocktails change from time to time, but look for our ‘Perfect Pair’, it is absolutely delicious.


We love surprising you and your guest.  As spectacular as FÈTE DE LÀMORE  is,  we love revealing La piece, the reception room, as well as POUR J’ADORE, our main parlor for the evening .  POUR J’ADORE  is housed behind trendy frosted glass, our chic parlor area brings New York sophistication to New Hampshire natural beauty. The historic mill elements of wood and brick are brought to present time accented by black lacquer, metal and glass. Tucked away from the main room, Pour J’ adore allows you to have an intimate area to mingle.  It is such a talking point at our venue, but don’t get so caught up in conversation that you forget to show-off your dance moves on LE ROC!


Simply refreshing style is our philosophy behind the beverages served at your La Piece event. Even a traditional bar is streamlined into the style of your special day as we continue the design of your event into Pour J’Adore. Want to offer your guests something truly tasteful?


Our team of Gala Createaurs and Master Mixologist can theme an entire bar for you. No detail goes unnoticed, from the types of drinks, to their names, to printed cards, bar menus, garnishes, drink accessories, and style of glassware. This invigorating addition to your event will truly make a satisfying statement. Here are a few fan favorites:

  • Wine & Chocolate:
  • Margharita
  • Martini
  • Le Café
  • Tea